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Pokémon Go Update to Activate Rare Capture Bonuses, Team Gym Training & More!
Niantic Labs/Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Update to Activate Rare Capture Bonuses, Team Gym Training & More!

Pokémon Go players are one step closer to more fierce competitions. Niantic Labs is ready to help players catch rare Pokémon easier with their medals, and a new gym battle mechanic.

According to Niantic Labs, a new update now allows players to capture rare Pokémon easier with their medals. Rares of certain variety will have lower difficulty after a set number of medals. Trainers will also now be able to battle fierce six-on-six for gyms.

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Players earn medals through a variety of means. There are medals allotted for capturing a number of Pokémon, or Pokémon of certain type. Walkers will also get medals if they walk a certain amount. Medals are not only “badges” for trainers, but some form of achievement list on their end.

Either way, this new update means players who aspire to capture rare Pokémon will now get them easier. Players can get a capture bonus based on the number of medals they have earned. For instance, players that caught a lot of flying Pokémon (ehem, pidgey) will allow them to catch other flying Pokémon easier.

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However, this also includes rarer breeds of these types that are considered harder to see and catch.

Meanwhile, Polygon added that gym enthusiasts will now be able to take six of their best to establish their gym domination. The update will be adjusting the statistics of Pokémon to “match” their abilities. Hopefully this will help players have more visually-aesthetic battles akin to the Pokémon television series.


Reviving player interest

These new updates will certainly spice up the Pokémon Go training scene. Players are advised to be more competitive when it comes to catching their Pokémon. However, is this enough to get back the players they have lost before?

While this update is yet to be scheduled, it’s “soon.” This is amid concerns towards the newly-released Pokémon Go Plus, which allows players to catch Pokémon without interacting with their phones.

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The game has currently lost a number of paying players and subscribers due to issues and very hectic mechanics. While the game has met critical acclaim in its launch (and until now), there is still very much left to be desired in the game.

Hopefully Niantic Labs can proceed to include newer generations of the beloved creatures, or maybe spice things up with bonuses fit with the upcoming games.

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