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Nasa New Zodiac Signs 2016 Dates: Ophiuchus Meaning & Secrets Revealed!
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Nasa New Zodiac Signs 2016 Dates: Ophiuchus Meaning & Secrets Revealed!

As the debate of whether there truly is a new zodiac signs 2016 chart continue, we ask ourselves what do we really know about its 13th addition, Ophiuchus?

Experts in astrology and astronomy continue to argue on Ophiuchus place in the zodiac and if it simply just another constellation. Though there is still no clear answer to that question for now, we do know a few things about the constellation.

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New Zodiac Signs 2016- 10 Facts About Ophiuchus:

  1. If indeed added as a zodiac sign, those born from November 29 to December 17 will be considered as Ophiuchans coming from most likely either a Scorpion or Sagittarius before.
  2. Ophiuchus is the first zodiac sign to be completely based on a person. Ophiuchus means Serpent Bearer in Greek and was originally associated with the Egyptian Imhotep who served under  the Third Dynasty king Djoser. He was chancellor to the pharaoh and a high priest of Ra the sun god.
  3. 4th century astrologer called Anonymous of 379 associated the bright star of Ophiuchus with healers, doctors or physicians.

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  1. Ophiuchus was first discovered during 2nd century and was first recorded as a constellation by Ptolemy. Because the constellation is quite visible in our atmosphere, it was considered as an extra-zodiacal indicator.
  2. According to, the traits of this zodiac in general is full of contradictions as the positive traits of the sign fall into the negative qualities of the horoscope and likewise, making it a “middle grounded sign.”
  3. Positive traits include being happy and humorous, truthful and honest, intellectual and clever, free-spirited, instinctive, charismatic, creative, driven, competitive and secretive. IBTimes also adds that these types are flamboyant dressers and are well-loved by authorities.
  4. Careers they most likely will excel at are in the more creative fields such as Architecture and the spoken word.
  5. Negative traits include being polygamous, jealous, judgmental, irresponsible, restless, temperamental and is likely to procrastinate.
  6. Because the sign is dominated by the water element, they are prone to being more emotional, creative and adaptable to change. They are most compatible with those under the mix of the air, water and earth elements. They do well with their own sign, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Libra and Virgo. They will have a hard time with elements that are fire and air mixed such as Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius, Taurus, Gemini, Leo and Scorpio.
  7. Ophiuchus’ lucky number is 12, so those scared of the unlucky number 13 can rest easy.

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