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Kim Kardashian Robbed News a Hoax? She’s Making it up for Kanye West New Album [Rumors]
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Kim Kardashian Robbed News a Hoax? She’s Making it up for Kanye West New Album [Rumors]

Every living human being in this earth knows who Kim Kardashian is, so there seems to be no reason why her recent robbery story would actually just be a hoax. Or is there?

Kim Kardashian robed at gunpoint was one of the headlining stories for this week, with fans and friends sending their support to KK. Reports reveal that the star was staying at the Hotel de Pourtales in Paris over the weekend when two armed, masked men entered the private mansion and robbed Kim at gunpoint.

According to NBC News, the suspects escaped the scene with Kim’s $4.5 million diamond ring and other jewelry amounting to $5.6 million. Authorities reveal that five men took over the mansion on Sunday night, tied the security personnel of the apartment and came looking for Kardashian’s room.  Kim was apparently tie up and locked in her bathroom as the heist continued.

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Many questions circled everyone’s minds at the time the story came out. Some were asking how was Kim Kardashian robbed, while other wanted to know where her bodyguard was. Some skeptics wanted to see proof of the robbery claims. And while Kim sources have explained how things happened, one thing is still missing — proof of the incident. Is there any video to support the claim?

Kim Kardashian Robbed Video

People online have probably searched for the video of the Kardashian robbery on the Internet already, however, according to a source the hotel did not have any security cameras.

According to the “high-level judicial source” of NBC News, the police had to rely on CCTV footages from nearby streets to possibly identify the culprits.

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The lack of a security camera in the area is quite questionable for some. It seems unlikely that such a high-class hotel that is frequented by A-list stars do not even have a basic CCTV system. It leads skeptics to think that the Kim Kardashian robbed story was made up for publicity. Not necessarily for Kim, but for his husband, Kanye West.

Kanye West New Album 2016

Rumors suggest that the rapper is working on some new tunes that could probably be included in his new album. Although he just released a new Kanye album earlier this year, with Yeezys doing whatever he pleases, releasing another one wouldn’t be far off.

So is Kanye West new album the reason behind a fake Kim Kardashian robbed story?

Not at all.

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The French police has already confirmed the reports of the robbery and is already looking into the possible suspects of the crime. They’re looking at the angle of inside job, in which someone from her inner circle was leading the robbery. Notably, public records reveal that Kim’s bodyguard company has already filed for bankruptcy just days before the robbery.

After the Kim Kardashian robbery, the reality star returned to New York where she is staying with husband Kanye.

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