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Green Day New Album Leak! Revolution Radio Download & Audio Here

Green Day New Album Leak! Revolution Radio Download & Audio Here

Green Day is back with a new record four years after Uno! Dos! Tre! trilogy was released in 2012. Revolution Radio is set to release on Friday, October 7, however several fans already received their records, and online pirates have already released the album online.

Revolution Radio is the twelfth studio record of the punk band is one of the most awaited releases of the year. With Green Day’s iconic sound and hard-hitting lyrics, fans are expecting no less than epic from the new record. Most of them itching to hear new sound from the band, however, some have already had.

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Green Day Reddit posts reveal that some fans have already received their CDs.

User PearlDrummer reveals he already received Revolution Radio in the mail on Wednesday — two days earlier than the October 7 release date. Comments from the thread reveal that most have not received theirs yet.

Got my Revolution Radio cd in the mail today!

Another Green Day Reddit post featured a Limited Green Vinyl version of Revolution Radio. See photo here.

The fans’ records have arrived days before the official Revolution Radio release date, making others think that the Green Day new album was prematurely shipped.

Notably, there have been Revolution Radio download links surfacing online already. It seems pirates did a great job with sourcing the songs from the early shipped albums and have already posted them online.

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A quick search on Google will provide Green Day Revolution Radio torrent and download links aplenty. Of course, piracy is never encouraged and hardcore fans can download the Green Day new album officially from iTunes.

“Green Day get back to basics. After more than a decade of rock operas and stunt releases, the Bay Area trio sound liberated by their 12th LP’s lack of conceit. This is simple yet ferocious pop-punk, from a band that can deliver it—as they do with flame-throwing single ‘Bang Bang’, and the bouncy delirium of ‘Youngblood’, wherein frontman Billie Joe Armstrong rhymes “supernova” with “cherry cola,” reads the iTunes Revolution Radio review.

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Listen below for some of Green Day’s new songs from the album or listen to the Revolution radio full album audio:

Green Day Bang Bang


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