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Law and Order SVU Season 18 Episode 3: Rollins, Carisi Start Dating? ‘Imposter’ Spoilers

Law and Order SVU Season 18 Episode 3: Rollins, Carisi Start Dating? ‘Imposter’ Spoilers

Law and Order SVU season 18 continues to heat up with episode 3 hinting at a possibility of Rollins and Carisi finally dating. Read on to find out!

Rollins, Carisi Admits Feelings for Each Other?

Fans of Law and Order SVU have watched the friendship of the two SVU detectives blossom to something more. However, they have not admitted the truth to each other, or even to themselves at times. Will they finally move past friendzone?

While it seems unlikely, Law and Order SVU season 18 episode 3 will show just how much the two want to be with each other.

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Rollins will get a new assignment and of course, she requests for Carisi to work with her on the case. While fans should be expecting cute banter from the two, Carisi won’t be able to go with his “partner”. An interview with the district attorney is waiting for him in Brooklyn, notes E!

Does this mean he’ll be leaving the SVU department and be a practicing lawyer? Not really says Peter Scavanio.

“Carisi is going to stay a police officer because he says, ‘I took an oath to serve and protect.’ I think he really believes that. It would seem unfinished for him to leave, that he hasn’t done everything he wanted to do in this part of his life yet, so I think he’s going to continue that,” the actor told E!

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Law and Order SVU Season 18 Episode 3 Spoilers 

Episode 3, entitled Imposter, will look into an unusual rape case with guest star Wallace Langham using a fake identity to lure a married woman to sleep with him. But the case won’t come easy as the judge thinks otherwise, with the case taken as consensual sex. Needless to say, the episode will very intense.

The official synopsis of Episode 3 reads:

“A man (Langham) tears a family apart when he uses a prominent fake identity to lure a vulnerable wife and mother into his bed. Barba (Raul Esparza) argues that the evidence amounts to rape, but he’s faced with a powerful defense attorney and a skeptical judge in court.”

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While Barbra feels very strongly about the case as obvious rape, she is faced with a very very capable DA and a judge who thinks the evidence doesn’t favor the victim.

According to CarterMatt, aside from Langham, Callie Thorne will also be appearing in the episode as the defense attorney and Vincent Curatola will star as the judge.

Law and Order SVU season 18 episode 3 airs tonight, 9pm, on NBC.

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