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GTA 5 PC Mod: Watch Samsung Note 7 Explode in GTA 5 Online!
GTA5 Mods/ HitmanNiko

GTA 5 PC Mod: Watch Samsung Note 7 Explode in GTA 5 Online!

Samsung should start covering its eyes and ears. As if an exploding flagship product isn’t enough, people are now making a laughing stock out of it. A gamer created a GTA 5 PC mod that makes the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explode in game, just like in real life.

GTA 5 Modder HitmanNiko created a mod that turns the Samsung smartphone into a sticky bomb. Gamers can purchase the Note 7 bomb in ammunition stores within the game, stick it to any surface or throw it to someone and, bombs away!

Anyone and anything hit by the GTA 5 Note 7 bomb explodes, much like the real-life smartphone. Only, in the game, those that get hit die.

Samsung Galaxy Not 7 Exploding and Recall

The GTA 5 PC mod is a joke aimed at Samsung and its faulty phablet, the Note 7. Several reports revealed that the smartphone would explode or catch fire while charging.

Due to its problems, the South Korean tech giant was forced to recall the devices. Analysts suggest the recall will cost $1 billion as Samsung plans to replace all 2.5 million unites shipped out since its August 2016 release, notes HighSnobiety.

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A brilliant gamer was able to pickup the idea and create a GTA 5 mod out of it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the game, also look exactly like the smartphone in real life. Especially with Samsung’s trademark wallpaper.

“Basically, all the mod does is replace the original sticky bomb from the game and inserted in its place a realistic mock-up of the infamous phone. That means you don’t have to worry about finding a Samsung retailer, and instead can simply walk into any gun store you can find in the game and pick one up,” another HighSnobiety article explained.

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GTA 5 Mod Download

The GTA 5 PC mod is available for download on GTA5Mods website. You can visit the download link here.

The mod is exclusively available to GTA 5 PC gamers only. However, with its success a PS4 or Xbox One version may soon follow as DLC? Much like the GTA 5 Biker DLC releasing this week.

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