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Will Smith Dead: Jaden Smith Dad Gets into Car Crash [Rumors]
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Will Smith Dead: Jaden Smith Dad Gets into Car Crash [Rumors]

Could it be true that Will Smith dead body was found in a car crash at Boston?

A three-car collision at Melrose, Massachusetts was reported late last night. According to the Melrose Police Department, a man was loading landscape equipment into a trailer when a sedan hit him and the vehicle. The trailer then hit another SUV.

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Fox reports that a woman with two kids were in the sedan when the crash happened. They were taken to a nearby hospital, but the man loading the trailer died on the scene.

Rumors suggest it was Will Smith dead body that was found at the site. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. And the likelihood of the actor dying is far fetched.

Will Smith Dead, another Death Hoax

Death hoaxes have plagued Will’s family for months now. A recurring rumor about his son, Jaden Smith dead has been circulating online for over a month now. Although Jaden has yet to address them personally, the rumors have time and again been debunked.

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As for the Will Smith dead reports, the actor is alive and well and has been promoting his upcoming movie, Collateral Beauty. However, another famous Will Smith was actually shot dead earlier this year.

NFL defensive lineman, Will Smith, was shot to dead eight times by another football player, Cardell Hayes.

Smith was found dead inside his Mercedes SUV, while his wife was shot on each leg. Trial has been rescheduled for later this year, with Cardell facing first-degree murder for Will Smith death and attempted murder for the shooting of Smith’s wife, Racquel.

GQ Magazine released an in-depth look into NFL Will Smith dead case which you can read here.

As for Will and Jaden Smith dead rumors, well it’s just another death hoax in the celebrity weirdom.

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