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Fifth Harmony Break Up! Ally Brooke Blames Fans; Attacks Too Much! [Rumors]

Fifth Harmony Break Up! Ally Brooke Blames Fans; Attacks Too Much! [Rumors]

Fifth Harmony Ally Brooke Hernandez was attacked by yet another fan for the second time during their 24/7 tour in Mexico, and this time was worse than the previous one.

The first fan attack on Ally Brooke was upon her arrival at the airport in Monterrey, Mexico where she almost fell down the floor after being pulled from behind. Fortunately for the singer, she was not injured nor did anyone from the flock of fans that surrounded her.

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Fifth Harmony Ally Brooke expressed her shock in a Twitter post but shared that she was, nonetheless, very happy to be in Mexico and that it was a dream come true for her especially since her idol, Selena Quintanilla, performed and came from Mexico.

Last Thursday, however, an almost similar incident — only worse — occurred during their concert at Monterrey.

In the video seen below, a male fan who was able to go past security ran up stage and grabbed Ally Brooke while she was performing.

Security immediately rushed over and took the man out from the stage.

Fifth Harmony Ally Brooke did not seem fazed by the incident and continued on despite falling dow her feet.

In an interview TMZ had with L.A. Reid who signed Fifth Harmony, he shared that things like this happen, and you’ll never really know what may hit you at live events.

“At any given moment anything can happen.”

He also added that it was because Ally Brooke was “(she’s) really hot,(she’s) really famous. That’s why.”

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The young singer has since been quiet on social media about that incident and had not posted anything in relation to the fan attack.

Despite rumors of her leaving the group because of the attacks she’s been getting from fans, it seems the star is unfazed and still enjoying her career and fame.

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