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Train to Busan 2 Full Movie Cast: Jericho Rosales to Star in Filipino Remake?

Train to Busan 2 Full Movie Cast: Jericho Rosales to Star in Filipino Remake?

South Korea must be really happy with the success of their zombie, horror flick all across the world. Many fans are now hoping for a Train to Busan 2 full movie to hit theaters soon.

Train to Busan has been breaking records in countries around he world, with great story, effects and acting. Just this week, it has been named the highest grossing Asian film in Hong Kong, beating out local crime thriller, Cold War 2. 

“It has broken record after record in Hong Kong since its debut on August 25, smashing the record of highest grossing South Korean film in Hong Kong held by My Sassy Girl since 2002 in its first four days, and surpassed the top zombie genre film record held by the Brad Pitt-starringWorld War Z on its thirteenth day of release,” Hollywood Reporter noted.

With such success, many international producers have set their eyes on an adaptation. So far, Hollywood and France have already made their interest known. However, there’s one more country that might be looking into a remake — the Philippines.

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Train to Busan 2 Philippines – Tagalog Version in the Works?

Train to Busan 2 would definitely satisfy zombie fans around the world, among them would be Filipino fans. The Philippines has always had a fascination for anything Korean — Korean pop stars, KPOP groups, Korean food, you name it. Adapting the Korean zombie movie wouldn’t be far from the books.

But who could play Train to Busan cast Gong Yoo who played the lead character of Seok-Woo?

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Top of mind for fans would be Filipino star, Jericho Rosales. The actor, who has amassed acting recognition both locally and from international award bodies, would likely fit the bill.

Rosales is no stranger to playing a father who will do anything for his child. The critically acclaimed movie, Alagwa, gave the actor numerous citations from all across the globe for his acting prowess. Starring in Train to Busan Tagalog version could be another feather on his cap.

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While nothing has been confirmed yet of the Philippines version, Filipino fans can, however, look forward to Train to Busan 2 full movie very soon. Both director Yeon Sang-Ho and star Gong Yoo have confirmed interest in the sequel, and viewers may expect Train to Busan 2 release date to be set for 2017.

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