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Fifth Harmony Tour 2016: Ally Brooke Attacked by Fan, Cries on Stage! [WATCH]
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Fifth Harmony Tour 2016: Ally Brooke Attacked by Fan, Cries on Stage! [WATCH]

Fifth Harmony tour 2016 in Mexico did not go as smooth-sailing as hoped for one of the girl group’s members, Ally Brooke Hernandez, who was attacked at the airport by a fan.

According to E! News, Ally Brooke arrived in Mexico earlier than the rest of the group for their 7/27 tour concert in Monterrey, Mexico on September 29.

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Upon her arrival in Monterrey, she was flocked by a horde of fans in the airport, including one bold admirer who grabbed her with both arms causing the singer to almost fall down the ground.

Fortunately for the 23-year old, her security team was able to immediately brisk her away and distance the assailant.

A few hours following the incident, Ally posted on Twitter saying “Just to let you know, I am okay after the airport incident.” Adding, “Please be careful and gentle so nobody gets hurt. That was scary. Thank you!”

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Fifth Harmony Tour 2016: Why The Tears, Ally Brooke?

Despite the earlier incident that the star has experienced, her excitement for being in Monterrey has not dwindled. After calming down from the initial shock, Hernandez shared on Twitter:

“Monterrey, I couldn’t be happier to be here! It’s been a dream of mine since I was little. My favorite singer Selena Quintanilla had many beautiful performances here. And now I get to perform in this city! I’m beyond honored & proud. Te amo!!!!!!! Ally”

Just recently, the excitement of having her dream coming true caused the Fifth Harmony singer to be emotional during their concert in Mexico City’s National Auditorium on September 27. She was overwhelmed about the number of people who came for their Mexico 7/27 Tour stop.

Her band members were sitting on stage by her side as she got emotional while she thanked the fans. Her emotions were contagious, as reported by Inquisitr, as fans tweeted how the singer crying also made them cry.

Fifth Harmony Tour 2016 schedule is posted on their website at

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