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Eminem New Album 2016: Lin Manuel Miranda ‘Hamilton’ Collab Confirmed?
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Eminem New Album 2016: Lin Manuel Miranda ‘Hamilton’ Collab Confirmed?

If indeed the rumors come true that there will be an Eminem new album 2016, Lin Manuel Miranda should be top of mind for a collaboration.

The Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda understands hip-hop music and the essence of Slim Shady’s music, which was made evident in his blockbuster Broadway show.

Hamilton is a Broadway show about the US founding father, Alexander Hamilton, which debuted August 15 and has since been one of the most talked about shows in the great white way. Not only was the show a sell-out throughout its runs, it has also been awarded with 11 Tony Awards.

According to Miranda, Hamilton was very much inspired by Eminem and co-rapper, Busta Rhymes, saying, “What hip-hop artists (attending the show) pick up on that your average theatre-goer doesn’t is that I’m using different flows for every character. Everyone raps in a way that is consistent with their character and I’m modelling that after my favourite hip-hop artists.”

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He goes on and adds that he adapted not only their styles but also patterned characters after the two.

“Hercules Mulligan is Busta Rhymes in my brain, and Hamilton is from the school of Eminem and Big Pun, where it’s how many syllables can I rhyme within a line, versus (George) Washington, which is much more straightforward and on the down beat,” Hamilton shares.

And to the actor’s delight, the feeling is mutual with the Rap God, Eminem giving his stamp of approval.

There is still no confirmation of any upcoming albums from the rap genius being released anytime soon nor announcements of a collaboration between Eminem and Miranda (which would be great!).

However, Marshall Mathers posted on his Instagram page a project he’s been busy on called Find Your Voice. It’s a song writing and composition workshop for kids ages 12- 15 to encourage their voices to be heard.

Already getting started with the funds we raised from the @jumpman23 x @carhartt sneaker auction!

A photo posted by Marshall Mathers (@eminem) on

So maybe Slim Shady is currently busy doing some charity work for now, but will (fingers crossed) produce an Eminem new album 2016 soon.

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