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Dancing with the Stars Cast 2016 Paid $8 Million for Sex! Find Out Who

Dancing with the Stars Cast 2016 Paid $8 Million for Sex! Find Out Who

One of Dancing with the Stars cast 2016 is being paid $8 Million to go on a world tour to talk about sex and love.

Season 23 contestant, Amber Levonchuck, or more popularly known as Amber Rose, has landed an $8 Million deal to go on tour and get up close and personal with fans, discussing topics like love and sex. The model and talk show host, who used to date Kanye West and was married to Wiz Khalifa, will be starting her meet-and-greet world tour next year, according to a Daily Mail exclusive.

The tour called Amber Rose Live Tour is asking fans all over to let her know where they are so she’ll be able to include that place in the tour.

“The tour – which will kick off in 2017 – will feature interactive segments centered on sex and love, special guest interviews, and personal anecdotes about her rise from exotic dancer to female icon,” writes the news site.

She will be visiting cities like Chicago, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas where fans can get to interact with the star closely.

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Currently, apart from her Dancing with the Stars season 23 participation, Amber Rose is also busy with her VH1 talk show entitled Amber Rose where she discusses trending topics in pop culture in a frank and unapologetic manner.

The dancer slash talk show host is also active in advocating against slut shaming, gender inequality and sexual violence. She shared on her personal Twitter account an October 1 event called The Amber Rose Slut Walk to raise awareness against the said issues.

Interested participants can still get the free tickets at her website Generous fans can also donate to the cause.

Amber Rose aims to earn supporters not only on Dancing with the Stars 2016 but also because of her outspoken personality about issues that affect so many women and men today.

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