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Battlefield 1 Trailer & Single Player Gameplay Details Revealed! What You Need to Know

Battlefield 1 Trailer & Single Player Gameplay Details Revealed! What You Need to Know

Game giant Electronic Arts finally released the official Battlefield 1 trailer and single player gameplay video today. EA promised that they would be releasing a video soon and that promise came to fruition today, after gamers eagerly awaited a sneak peek into the game’s single player experience.

Gaming website Gamespot first featured the short, 2 minute Battlefield 1 trailer video in this article. Later on though, EA made it accessible to the public on Youtube via their official Battlefield 1 channel.

Though it was labeled as a gameplay video, the Battlefield 1 trailer ironically mostly showed cut-scenes of the campaign. The first part showed the different characters the player would be controlling throughout the game. From what was seen so far, the player would be fighting as a sniper, an infantry man, a tank driver, a fighter pilot, and even a female desert freedom fighter.

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Combat scenes showed the player fighting on foot and riding in vehicles in the last 40 seconds of the trailer. Short as it is, the Battlefield 1 trailer still showed plenty. The video confirms that the single player experience would boast the same gameplay as the multiplayer one, with a more open-ended feel.

Danny Berlin: The Freedom We have is Massive

EA Dice Lead Developer Danny Berlin’s interview with Gamespot confirmed this direction. He said that the game “will more accurately reflect Battlefield’s open sandboxes.” The game will have more choices with their weapons. There will also be more gameplay variety, allowing for players to go about their objectives in a free form manner.

Moreover, the Battlefield 1 trailer confirms that there would be a more fleshed out story for the gamers to experience. The game would then be on par with other shooters’ story-driven campaigns, similar to Call of Duty and Halo.

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Battlefield 1, EA’s 14th game in the Battlefield series, is their latest foray into the shooting genre. The Battlefield series has seen much success and with this new expanded single player campaign, EA hopes to cover more ground.

The game’s release is on October 21, 2016. Gamers who pre-ordered the game in Xbox One and the PC can pre-download the game earlier than usual.

If you want a very accurate description of what the gameplay would be like, see the ESRB’s summary here:

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