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UFO Sightings 2016: Video Proves Alien Life in Mars! [Watch]

UFO Sightings 2016: Video Proves Alien Life in Mars! [Watch]

A clip by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover seem to be pointing out to a crashed UFO flying saucer, which also appeared similar to a recently posted video of a UFO sightings 2016.

According to the UFO spotter Streetcap1, who posted the video on YouTube, the object seen is not a UFO, as it is not “flying.” But an unidentified “anomaly” with “windows” nestling atop a hill on Mars.

Though some might argue that the object simply looks like a rock formation that resembles a crashed flying saucer, UFO spotters argue that under closer inspection, one can see that it is not merely rocks.

Streetcap1 further shares that the sightings “doesn’t really fit in with the surrounding rocks. It is at the summit of the mountain and very far off, so if it is a rock then it must be massive. Also, it looks like there are windows on it.”

According to Scott Waring, UFO Sightings Daily blog operator, the object which looks like a disk “looks to be made of the same material as the surroundings, and could be a flying disk that has landed, or it could be a building built there on purpose to get a better view.”

Is There Really UFO Sightings 2016 and Could There Be Life on Mars?

In an extensive report from National Geographic about life on Mars, there has not been any sighting of alien life, but there are areas in Mars that seem to be equipped to accommodate life.

On September 27, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk will share with the world its new plans to send humans to Mars, during a global space conference in Mexico.

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) is an American aerospace manufacturer and space transport services.

National Geographic shares that “The excitement over this pending announcement overshadows a worrisome dilemma: The special regions where Earth life could take hold are also the areas where we would most likely find indigenous Martian life. That means—unless we are very, very careful—we could ruin our chances of discovering extra-terrestrial organisms just by going to look for them.”

The plans will be launched on 2018 and  though masked with uncertainty, learning about life on another planet will definitely change the landscape of reality we know today.

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