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Mafia 3 PS4 Gameplay Review: Leaked Demo Shows Lincoln Clay in Action [Watch]

Mafia 3 PS4 Gameplay Review: Leaked Demo Shows Lincoln Clay in Action [Watch]

Developer 2K Games has recently released an official Mafia 3 PS4 gameplay video on YoutubeThe video revealed more of the highly anticipated game’s action sequences, features and backstory.

Haden Blackman, the studio lead and creative director of Hangar 13, walks us through the Mafia 3 PS4 gameplay video. He describes the seedy fictional city of New Bordeux, which is a reimagining of New Orleans in 1968.

Open World, Open Options

Blackman emphasized that Mafia 3 will be an open-world free-style type of game, where players can achieve objectives depending on their play style, notes VG247.

In the Mafia 3 gameplay video posted, the player controlled Lincoln Clay, the antihero protagonist of the game. Using Clay, he took different routes to get to Tony Derazio, Sal Marcano’s prominent henchman.

In the video, Lincoln stole the car of one henchman named Dominic. He then used the car as a deception to get past the gates. Once inside, he first took the stealthy approach, dispatching mobsters with a silenced gun.

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Lincoln then went guns a-blazing as he approached his final objective. After dispatching of the minions in merciless mob fashion, Clay takes the extra mile. He showboats by throwing Derazio off the building and onto a mob car. Brutal? Yes. Attention grabbing? Oh, definitely.

Mafia 3, GTA 5 – Birds of a Feather?

The open-world, do-as-you-want take on gaming is present as shown in the Mafia 3 PS4 gameplay video. Because of that, it was easy for gamers to draw comparisons with 2K Games sister company, Rockstar Games’ flagship title, Grand Theft Auto 5. Both games feature much of the same car-jacking, car-chasing, extreme violence kind of action that became the crime genre’s trademark.

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Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take Two Interactive, owner of both 2K Games and Rockstar Games, was quick to downplay the similarities. According to GameRant, he defended that none of the two companies shared resources.

Moreover, he said Mafia 3 had its own features unique from the other game. Zelnick might be referring to the fact that the Mafia series has been known to supplement its action sequences with the management aspects of running the mob. Though the Mafia 3 gameplay video did not show much of that, hopefully that aspect would still be there.

At 16 minutes long, the Mafia 3 PS4 gameplay vid is a good sampling of what’s to come. Gamers are definitely getting hungry for it. Gamers and die-hard fans will soon whet their appetite as the game is slated for an October 7 release date for the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions.

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