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Floyd Mayweather Bankrupt? Fight vs Golovkin for Money [Rumors]
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Floyd Mayweather Bankrupt? Fight vs Golovkin for Money [Rumors]

Floyd Mayweather Jr may be one of the most successful boxers in history. However, recent reports reveal that the “Money” owes a jeweler $1.4 million. Is Floyd Mayweather bankrupt?

Floyd was the highest-paid entertainer in 2015, according to Forbes Celebrity 100. Earning $300 million last year, mostly coming from his fight against Manny Pacquiao, the boxer has rightfully dubbed himself as “Money”. While he may have enough money to take a bath with, it seems this year isn’t very kind to the athlete. A recent report revealed that the former champ owes a Las Vegas jeweler $1.4 million for a diamond necklace.

According to Courthouse News Service, Mayweather Jr bought a “diamond necklace that contained 72 three-carat, round-cut stones” for $3 million on September 19, 2015. The fighter paid The Jewelers Inc $1 million cash to bring home the bling, promising to pay the rest on staggered terms. He has made six $100,000 payments since then, the last one being last May. However, after that, Floyd has refused to pay the rest.

“A $1.4 million balance remains, but Mayweather refuses to pay it, despite repeated requests, The Jewelers says,” the site explained.

The jewelers are now demanding that the fighter pay for “the $1.4 million plus interest, damages for unjust enrichment, breach of agreement and bad faith, attorney’s fees and legal costs.”

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With Floyd Mayweather net worth in the hundreds of millions, it’s almost hard to believe that he refuses to pay $1.4 million. Forbes 2016 Celebrity 100 ranks “Money” 54th, earning $44 million this year. So why won’t he pay for the necklace he took? Is Floyd Mayweather net worth bankrupt already?

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Floyd doesn’t seem to be having financial issues at all, if fans are to base it from his social media posts. The boxer has been known to brag about his estates and material riches online, posting photos of him sleeping on money, or of his outrageous cars and estates.

So what’s the reason behind his refusal to pay for the diamond bling? Well, maybe it’s just his way of  making it known who is the real boss. However, it isn’t too far to think that Floyd, living like a king the past years, have been spending too much that Floyd Mayweather net worth is slowly depleting already.

Notably, rumors suggest that Floyd Mayweather next fight will be against Gennady “GGG” Golovkin. Should a Mayweather vs GGG fight push through, fans can expect a multi-million dollar payout for the fighter already, adding to the already huge Floyd Mayweather net worth.

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