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Criminal Minds Season 12 Premiere: Thomas Gibson Returns for Episode 1 & 2! [Spoilers]
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Criminal Minds Season 12 Premiere: Thomas Gibson Returns for Episode 1 & 2! [Spoilers]

Thomas Gibson, who had just recently been fired from the series, will still be playing the part of BAU Special Agent Aaron Hotchner on the Criminal Minds Season 12 premiere on Wednesday.

Just a few days before the premiere of Criminal Minds Season 12, Thomas Gibson shares his side of the story on why he got dismissed from duty as Hotch.

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The actor, who had been in the series since 2005, was fired from Criminal Minds because he allegedly kicked writer and producer Virgil Williams on the leg following a disagreement on the script.

Gibson, however, defended himself saying that it was not a kick but merely a tap.

Variety reported his side of the story.

“We were shooting a scene late one night when I went to Virgil and told him there was a line that I thought contradicted an earlier line,” Gibson said. “He said, ‘Sorry, it’s necessary, and I absolutely have to have it.” Gibson, apparently did not take it well.

“He came into that room and started coming towards me. As he brushed past me, my foot came up and tapped him on the leg,” he recalls.

“If I hadn’t moved, he would have run into me. We had some choice words, for which I apologized the next day, and that was it. It was over. We shot the scene, I went home – and I never got to go back.”

However, critics are questioning the credibility of Gibson’s side of the story considering his violent past with co-actors on set and his problems with drinking.

Gibson will still be playing his role as Special Agent Hotchner for two more episodes in season 12 but there has not been any confirmation yet as to how his exit from the show will be.

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A New Face on Criminal Minds Season 12 Premiere

As the saying goes, “Out with the old and in with the new,” BAU will be taking on a new face in the form of Alvez.

Alvez, a former Fugitive Task Force agent, is tasked to take on one of the thirteen killers who has escaped last season. Coming from a different tas force, Luke’s methods and his past trail him still as he joins the BAU.

Criminal Minds season 12 premiere on Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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  • Dolphins7

    It sucks they are going to let him go! He played his part exceptionally well and nobody can ever replace him. Bring him Back! So what if they had a misunderstanding, they are grown men, let them work it out. Haven’t you ever wanted to kick someone while having a bad day…….just sayin.

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