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Power Season 4 Premiere Spoilers: Tommy Dies Hints Cast; Season 3 Finale Recap

Power Season 4 Premiere Spoilers: Tommy Dies Hints Cast; Season 3 Finale Recap

Power Season 3 finale has finally aired and fans are probably wondering what will happen to their favorite characters. Well, wonder no more, as Starz confirmed that Power Season 4 will be airing soon.

Power season 3 finale left many wondering what will happen to Ghost, Tommy and Tasha. The official synopsis for Season 3 Episode 10 reads:

“Ghost races to retrieve evidence, while he throws the party of his career. Tasha forms an unlikely alliance in an attempt to save her family. But will Tommy make a move that will change everyone’s life forever?”

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While fans are left hanging, Starz has confirmed the renewal of the TV show for two more seasons. Produced by rapper 50 Cent, the show will run until 2018, with season 4 and 5 in tow.

What has Power Season 4 premiere in store for fans? Here’s a few spoilers.

Tommy Dies in Power Season 4?

No one is safe. If anything, Game of Thrones Season 7 know that no character is safe from being killed or booted out from any series. As for Power though, fans may see one of its main characters get killed off in the next season.

Tommy has been one of the biggest characters of the TV Show. Played by Joseph Sikora, the character have had crucial story arcs that affected the plot of the series. However, a recent interview hinted that the actor might just have the biggest arc ever — death.

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“I will say I think that there’s a necessary yin and yang,” Sikora told Adrienne Gibbs of Forbes.

If somebody disappears — that’s the four pillars, which would be Ghost, Tommy, Angela and Tasha – They would have to work very hard building up the next pillar.”

Sikora, however, dropped a bomb and said that no one will be safe next season.

“The [season renewals] are certainly no guarantee that I will be part of both of those seasons, but I’m very proud of the show.”

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There were several rumors that Tommy will die in Power Season 3 finale. Obviously, it didn’t happen, but season 4 is totally different and his death may add more intensity and drama to the show.

Power Season 4 premiere release date will probably be aired by Summer 2017.

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