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The Get Down Season 2 Cancelled! Netflix Racist? Drops Black American Series [Rumors]

The Get Down Season 2 Cancelled! Netflix Racist? Drops Black American Series [Rumors]

Is The Get Down Season 2 cancelled? A lot of viewers are speculating that after a failed season 1, the TV series will not be renewed.

The Hip-Hop drama released this August is definitely a breath of fresh air on TV. With series dealing with murders, love triangles and nerds, there hasn’t really been one that focused on the 1970s wonder years of Hip-Hop and disco. Until The Get Down Season 1.

However, unlike Netflix TV show list including Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, The Get Down season 1 didn’t really get down with the audience. It was a flop in the ratings, considering it is Netflix’s “most expensive series ever“.

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The Get Down Season 2 – US TV Show Ratings

Variety noted that the show’s numbers were way below that of other series from the streaming network. On its first 31 days, The Get Down earned 3.2 million total viewers in the US 18-49 years old demographic. That’s far less than half of Orange Is The New Black season 4 which had 15.56 million, Fuller House season 1 with 15.23 million, and Stranger Things season 1 with 13.23 million.

With this, many consider The Get Down Season 2 to be a dead idea. So far, Netflix has not announced the show’s renewal.

Netflix, Racist?

While the ratings prove that the drama is not as welcomed by viewers, it’s worth considering that The Get Down is probably the only show right now that celebrates Africa-American history. With this, does cancelling the show hint at Netflix being racist? Probably not.

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As with any business, if a product is not earning (especially if the cost is way too much!) then it’s not worth continuing. Same is true for The Get Down Season 2, and it probably has nothing to do with the plot of the show or who’s starring in it.

Notably, aside from possibly cancelling The Get Down Season 2, Netflix has also cancelled Bloodline season 3. The last season 3 will air on 2017.

So far, Netflix has kept mum about all The Get Down Season 2 cancelled rumors. Until then, fans would have to wait for the fate of the show.

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