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Ed Sheeran New Album 2016 Leaked? New Song with Robbie Williams Revealed
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Ed Sheeran New Album 2016 Leaked? New Song with Robbie Williams Revealed

It has been over a year since an Ed Sheeran new album was released and fans are asking when they can hear something new from the star. Rumor is, the artist is working on something new with singer Robbie Williams.

Is an Ed Sheeran New Album In the Works?

The 25-year old singer has been engaged with quite a few things in the past year, including his new record label, Gingerbread Man Records and the Wembley Edition for his highly successful album, X, where he shares his personal journey towards Wembley.

Just recently, the singer has also been reported to have donated his used clothes to St Elizabeth Hospice shop in Framlingham, Suffolk for charity.

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The shop’s manager, Rachail Pollard, said that this was not the first time Ed donated to them, saying “Over the last few years we have had multiple donations from him and they have proved very popular, with people coming from all over to queue outside the shop to buy them, as well as people all across the globe bidding on the online.”

One of the items he donated was the shirt he wore in his cameo appearance in the recent installment of Bridget Jones, Bridget Jones Baby.

But with the rumors circulating of a new album in the making, it’s either there really is no new album or his team is being very hushed about it since nothing has been confirmed or announced yet.

Collaboration with Robbie Williams in His New Album

Robbie Williams, however, has confirmed that he himself will be releasing a new album, Heavy Entertainment Show, on November 4. It will feature collaborations with Ed Sheeran and The Killers frontman, Brandon Flowers.

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A duet with Rufus Wainwright on Hotel Crazy, and a duet with John Grant on I Don’t Want to Hurt You will also be included in the 11-track album.

Though nothing has been set in stone this year for British singer, Ed Sheeran, fans can expect to hear his voice again soon on Robbie William’s album coming out this November.

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