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Derrick Rose News: Rape Case Force Retirement?
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Derrick Rose News: Rape Case Force Retirement?

This year has been one of the craziests for the NBA. Just hours after Paul Pierce retires, new reports about another NBA star is cropping up — Derrick Rose rape case is again in full swing. Will this affect his upcoming season with the Knicks?

Derrick Rose is in hot water. Just after getting back on his feet, and starting afresh with his new team in New York, the NBA star is again a ton of issues. Not with his health though, but with the law. The Los Angeles police has confirmed that investigation is still on going for the sexual assault complaint filed against the basketball player.

LAPD detective Nadine Hernandez confirmed to Deadspin that an investigation is ongoing for the sexual assault claims filed by a woman against Rose and two of his friends. The woman, who demands that her identity be kept anonymous, claims that the athlete and his friends have sexually assaulted and raped her after a night of drinking.

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While Hernandez did note elaborate on the state of the case, a recent interview with the plaintiff maintains that the victim did not give consent to the trio and she was not in any capacity to give consent. This is against Rose’s claims that the intercourse was consensual.

“She said when she got home, she started vomiting, went to bed with her clothes on, and today only remembers what followed in flashes. She woke up the next morning with her dress up to her neck, feeling that ‘something really bad happened,'” Deadspin described of the interview with the victim.

“She was in no condition to give consent,” one of Jane Doe’s lawyers added.

The civil case is scheduled to start early in October, and Rose may have to miss team trainings and events to attend to the sexual assault charges. Rose maintains his innocence amid the investigations.

Derrick Rose Retires?

DRose has been plagued with injuries aplenty, but nothing has stopped him from lacing them up. However, this rape case might be the one to force a Derrick Rose retirement.

Trial for the $21 million case will start on October 4, the same day the Knicks starts its pre-season games versus Houston Rockets. While this might seem like a big concern for Rose’s new team, Knicks president Phil Jackson revealed that it is not something to worry about.

“We’re going to let the process work itself out,” Jackson said during a press conference. “We’re not concerned. We understand it’s a serious subject we’re talking about. This has to be done outside our control. It’s something we can’t control. Derrick has expressed he’s not concerned about it. He’s aware of it, but it’s not keeping him up at night.”

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Jackson also clarified that the trial will not affect Rose’s first season with Knicks, and hopefully his training camp and game attendance.

“We’re going to let the due process of the justice system work its way through the next week and a half. We want to put this to rest. There doesn’t need to be a lot of talk about this,” the exec added, notes New York Post.

Jackson’s statements clarify that Derrick Rose retires is not true. However, this may just change the landscape of things for rebuilding New York Knicks.

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