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NBA 2K17 Locker Codes for 1,000 Free VC, MyPlayer Items Release this Weekend? [Poll]

NBA 2K17 Locker Codes for 1,000 Free VC, MyPlayer Items Release this Weekend? [Poll]

NBA 2K17 has been out for a week now, but there are still no signs of NBA 2K17 locker codes being released soon. Could we expect 2K Sport to heed gamers’ requests and finally release the codes this weekend?

NBA 2K17 may have received flying colors from critic reviews. With true-to-life animations, gameplay details and impressive as always game modes, the title has been dubbed by CBS as the “best franchise mode in sports video games” and the “best looking basketball game ever made” by Business Insider. However, it seems gamers are still not satisfied and are still desperately looking for one feature — NBA 2K17 locker codes.

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So far, 2K Sports has kept mum about any possible NBA 2K17 locker codes release. However, this is not really anything unusual. NBA 2K’s Twitter account (@NBA2K) as well as community head @Ronnie2K would usually just drop the NBA 2K17 locker codes without announcement. So it is possible that locker codes will be released this weekend. But of course, nothing is confirmed.

Gamers are hoping that the codes would include NBA 2K17 free VC, random MyPlayer items or a MyTeam Sapphire card.

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The developers did release a KG MyTeam FA card today after Kevin Garnett retires. However, it is for purchase and not for free.

Locker codes are simply alphanumeric cryptogram that unlocks in-game features and freebies. The game feature has been present in previous iterations of NBA 2K, and one fans look forward to the most.

In past years, the codes are released shortly after the game’s release date. However, this year, fans have yet to receive any NBA 2K17 locker codes for free VC, random items or MyTeam cards. And they’re already being impatient about it.

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While we all wait for the release of NBA 2K17 locker codes for free vc and items, let us know first what items you’d like to get from the codes. Answer our poll below!

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