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Tommy Chong Dead of Cancer Due to Marijuana Use – Death Hoax?
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Tommy Chong Dead of Cancer Due to Marijuana Use – Death Hoax?

Tommy Chong dead? Another round of celebrity death is shaking the online world. But is the comedian/ writer/ musician really gone? Or is this just another death hoax?

Tommy Chong, known for his marijuana-inspired album, Cheech & Chong, has reportedly died today. The reports spreading online claim that the actor lost his battle against cancer. The viral article being shared on social media platform, Facebook, claims that the 77-year-old actor died on Wednesday at 7am.

Interestingly though, the report from a site called ViralTimeLapse.com says he passed away on January 27, 2016 — eight months ago. So why is the report going viral just now?

The date discrepancy has many thinking the Tommy Chong dead reports are just another death hoax, much like Sylvester Stallone dead and Jaden Smith dead.

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Truth is, the Tommy Chong dead reports is really just another celebrity death hoax!

The Canadian-American actor known for using marijuana is still alive, and well…still getting stoned. A recent TMZ report just showed the Zootopia movie actor hanging out with UFC 2016 former champion, Nick Diaz.

“UFC fighter Nick Diaz just lived out every stoner’s biggest dream…by takin’ part in a smoking sesh with the Weed King himself…Tommy Chong,” TMZ wrote. It is worth noting that the MMA fighter was recently suspended by the UFC for testing positive for weed.

The renowned stoner is also still very active on social media. Just a few minutes ago, the senior comedian posted a photo of himself on Twitter, seemingly taking a jab at the death rumors.

Just as always, his post was marijuana-inspired.

So is Tommy Chong dead? No, he is not. And all reports saying he is are nothing but just another death hoax.

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