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The Magnificent Seven 2016 Review: 1960s Western Remake a Disaster
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The Magnificent Seven 2016 Review: 1960s Western Remake a Disaster

The Magnificent Seven 2016 movie, remake of the 1960 classic, premiered yesterday September 22, 2016. However, according to reviews, the film is a disaster so flat and unappealing that some wished they had just rented the old version.

The 1960s Magnificent Seven original, a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, had a good fan base with a steady story line and good casting. This year’s remake, however big the Hollywood names are, has only gotten a rating in Rotten Tomatoes of 6/10. That is actually not quite bad, comparing it to the reviews it had online.

The 2016 version was set during 1879 at a town called Rose Creek. The villain is a mining robber baron Bart Boguein, a lackluster performance played by Peter Sarsgaard, who is ripping off villagers of their hard-earned money.

Emma Cullen, played by Haley Bennett, is a widow who seeked the help of the lightning-fast gunner Sam Chisolm, played by Denzel Washington. Some say it is one of veteran’s actors worst performances yet.

He is joined by a rouge, Josh, acted out by Chris Pratt; former confederate soldier Goodnight Robicheaux, played by Ethan Hawke, who probably did the best out of the entire cast; bearded frontiersman Jack Horne by Vincent D’Onofrio; bandit Vasquez played by Manuel García-Rulfo; knife-throwing Billy Lee acted by Lee Byung-hun; and Comanche loner Red Harvest by Martin Sensmeier.

The film was flat and joyless and did not take the opportunity to get further, more in depth and more political, according to The Guardian.

Empire Online shares that the movie is “Lacking the froth and fun of the former (Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai), and the humanist joys of the latter, it’s replete with pyrotechnics, slickly choreographed gun battles and a body count that would make even Peckinpah rub his eyes, but has little fresh to say about the genre it homages and a mirthless way of saying it.”

NY Daily News goes to add that the only joy in the movie is when the soundtrack is played at the end of the two-hour movie.

“You can feel director Antoine Fuqua waking up a bit for the big action scenes. There are three: One when Washington makes his movie-star entrance, the second when the Seven first ride into town, and the third — well, pretty much the whole last act of the movie. All are solidly staged. But they still only add up to less than half the movie. And in between, there’s not much going on. There isn’t even that great old music to listen to. There’s just dust and duty, cowboys and bromance. And the nagging feeling, pardner, you really should have just rented the original instead.”

The Magnificent Seven 2016 movie is now showing in select cinemas.

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