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Iron Man 4 Movie Story: Tony Stark a Double Agent for Hydra? [Spoilers]
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Iron Man 4 Movie Story: Tony Stark a Double Agent for Hydra? [Spoilers]

It has been a year since the last Iron Man movie and rumors about the Iron Man 4 cancellation and Robert Downy’s role are spreading wildfire. There are also interesting theories surfacing the web about what the fourth installment has in store.

Possibly in response to the growing speculation that Iron Man 4 movie is going to be cancelled, or at least the franchise discontinued, Robert Downy Jr. shared a seemingly innocent tweet last September 12.

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The tweet was a photo of the actor with Jon Favreau, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, Joe and Anthony Russo, Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Tom Holland and celebrity chef, Roy Choi.

The photo was apparently taken in Atlanta City, which is also Marvel’s base of operations.

No Robert Downy in Iron Man 4 Movie?

With the post, speculations that Robert Downy Jr will not be taking the role of Iron Man was also shut quiet.

According to Yibida, there are rumors that Downy will not be Tony Stark in Iron Man 4 because of budget constraints.

“The actor is worth $240 million, making him the highest paid actor in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s roster,” the report noted.

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In addition, the 51-year-old actor might be too old for the part, whereas Tony Stark in the comics is around 10 years younger.

In an interview with Time, Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed that “(Marvel is) in the middle of a very big Tony Stark storyline — actually three storylines converging. His best friend died, his company is collapsing and he’s finding out who his biological parents were all at the same time. That’s stressful for a character who is wired the way Tony is wired and has dependency issues the way Tony does.”

Time reports that Riri Williams (Iron Heart) might be replacing Stark.

“Riri is a science genius who enrolls in MIT at the age of 15. She comes to the attention of Tony when she builds her own Iron Man suit in her dorm.”

All these will be revealed in the story of Civil Wars II.

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Iron Man 4 Movie Story: Is Tony Working for Hydra?

Just recently, IGN shared the end of the story of International Iron Man  where he meets his biological parents. In the comics, Tony meets S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Amanda Armstrong, and his potential father, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent named Jude.

However, the final issue revealed that Jude was actually a double-agent for Hydra. His mother found out and killed the traitor so Tony never met his father.

Will Tony be following the footsteps of his father and strike a deal with Hydra in the upcoming Iron Man 4 movie, or does the billionaire-playboy genius stick with his team?

Stick around for more updates.

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