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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 1 Leaked! Meredith Love Triangle, Alex in Jail [Spoilers]

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 1 Leaked! Meredith Love Triangle, Alex in Jail [Spoilers]

The Grey Sloan doctors are back! Focusing on the main characters of the series, Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 will feature a rollercoaster of events.

Shonda Rhimes is on a roll as two of her hit TV shows will be airing tonight — How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 and her medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. While HTGAWM is still busy solving murders with Annalise Keating, Grey’s has its own crimes of its own.

Alex Goes to Jail?

Sneak peek of Episode 1, Alex will be faced with the reality of his actions. Seeing what Andrew DeLuca was seemingly doing a drunk Jo, Alex beats up the surgical intern to a pulp. Fighting for his life, Alex is faced with some serious consequences for his actions.

While it was not confirmed whether Alex gets imprisoned, Shonda Rhimes confirms that he will have it hard this season.

“There are going to be some really big consequences. We talked about it a lot in the writer’s room, how we were going to deal with this, and what we thought made sense, and I really wanted to tell a story that felt true,” the series creator told Entertainment Weekly.

“To find himself in this position I think is just interesting for him as a character because he is in this place of growth…I think people who are hurt revert to their less mature selves a lot of the time. He is hurt and he doesn’t quite know how to cope with that.”

Watch the new Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 trailer below:

Meredith New Love — a Battle with her sister?

Meredith is still trying to move on from the death of McDreamy. It hasn’t been easy for her, but now it seems she’s found a new person to make her happy. Good for Meredith? Well, it isn’t that easy. It gets way complicated as her sister Maggie also has feelings for the same guy — Riggs.

“I think she’s got an attraction. There’s an attraction for him, absolutely, and I don’t think she’s actually taken the time to figure out what it is,” Rhimes explains of the Mer-Riggs hookup.

“I’m not sure she’s even ready to make that decision at this point when we come back into the season.”

The Mer-Maggie-Riggs love triangle looks like a lot of tension for the characters. However, Shonda reveals that the two siblings wouldn’t be fighting over the same guy. Who would give in? Fans just have to wait until Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 unfolds.

“I never thought of it as being a love triangle. It’s not really a love triangle. For a love triangle to be a love triangle, I think all three people have to actually be involved.”

The producer adds, “What I love is that we’re not ever a show that’s about a guy coming between two women, because I really feel like that’s never interesting.”

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 1 would be a must-watch as it airs on Thursday 8/7c on ABC.

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