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Daniel Radcliffe Gay? Admits ‘Sad, Racist’ Hollywood LGBT Outlook
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Daniel Radcliffe Gay? Admits ‘Sad, Racist’ Hollywood LGBT Outlook

Daniel Radcliffe is creating a lot of buzz lately following an interview on the Victoria Derbyshire show where he shared how Hollywood is racist and sexist. Now, Daniel Radcliffe gay comments are going viral.

The actor was a guest on the BBC show where he was promoting his action-thriller film, Imperium. Radcliffe, however, found himself being faced with some serious questions about issues in the entertainment industry. He answered the questions bravely in true Harry Potter fashion.

Derbyshire asked the 27-year-old actor why he thinks very few actors come out as gay. Radcliffe shared that it’s the industry’s tendency to typecast that stops artists from doing so.

Watch the full interview below.

“I suppose because, then people just want to cast you as gay.”

Derbyshire followed up, “Rather than the lead role, whose married with children or whatever?”

“Yeah, often,” Radcliffe answered, notes NewNowNext.

“I mean, there’s very few [gay actors]—well, Neil Patrick Harris has made a career out of playing the the straightest guy on television, which is fantastic.”

“But in film, yeah, it’s sad because, again, we’re in this industry that likes to see itself as being totally progressive and liberal, but there is a line where people go, ‘Oh no, people won’t buy him as straight anymore.’”

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While the actor is not gay, he is a huge supporter of LGBT rights and believes that Hollywood is prejudice. Daniel Radcliffe gay comments are now being talked about on social media, many thanking the actor for speaking up.

Daniel Radcliffe Racism – Hollywood is Racist!

While at the show, Derbyshire also asked the actor if he thinks Hollywood is being racist. This is in light of all the Oscar 2016 issues of having no Black American nominees. The question was somehow related to his new movie, Imperium, which tackles racist white movement in the US.

“You get to vote at the Oscars in certain categories now, would you say Hollywood has been racist, is racist?” Derbyshire asked, to which Radcliffe answered “Yes!”

“I mean it’s pretty undeniable, that’s the thing. We like to think of ourselves as being a very progressive industry but we have been lagging behind in all kinds of areas and it’s been very well documented,” the Horns actor explained.

“I think there’s lots of things about the Oscars, there’s lots of amazing performances every year that don’t get recognised. I feel like there’s a lot that’s unseen about the process.”

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However, he did confirm that he is hopeful things will change soon.

“I do think that now these things have come up things are going to start changing. I’m starting to see it in scripts that I read.”

Watch the complete Daniel Radcliffe Victoria Derbyshire BBC interview below:


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