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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Finale Winner is Nicole! ‘She Came to Play’ Says Producers [Rumors]
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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Finale Winner is Nicole! ‘She Came to Play’ Says Producers [Rumors]

With the finale of the Big Brother Season 18 only a few hours away, the questions on everyone’s mind is who will be the winner of this season? Producers say it might just be Nicole.

Nicole, James and Paul are left in the final three of the competition and the $500,000 cash prize is still up for grabs. While each of them are strong contenders, the show’s producers seem to believe that Nicole might just might be the victor. (No puns intended, Victor!)

During the last episode, the three housemates played against each other for the Head of Household, which will determine the finalists. On Round 1 of 3, Paul was the winner and on the 2nd round, Nicole won. Which means, whoever wins on the 3rd round gets to choose who she (or he) will be taking along for the finals.

You can check all the winners for all 13 weeks of the competition at Big Brother Season 18 Spoiler Board.

Nicole Just Might Be the Winner of Big Brother Season 18

In an interview by The Hollywood Reporter, Big Brother’s executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan says Nicole can be the winner of this season, and they credit that to her game plan.

Nicole, who initially started out as the fan favorite but near the end of the season, she has received so much critics from both former fans and other viewers because she played different sides depending on where there is more benefit for her. She was not playing to gain friends but to win.

Some call her a snake, both inside and outside of the Big Brother house but Grodner defends her by saying “Instead of attaching herself to the girls, she attached herself to the guys and played with them and was an equal partner in the alliances. And I think they would say the same. And she won when she needed to win. She played a pretty strong game. It’s hard to fault her.”

Grodner even goes to add that maybe if Nicole was a man, the perception of her will be different.

“I’m not saying this is the case, but sometimes I look at how men and women are treated differently. There’s a double standard in terms of them being an aggressive game player if you’re a man and being applauded for it. And being a sneaky, ‘backstabby’ game player as a woman and suddenly maybe you’re a bitch.”

Nonetheless, it could be anyone’s game at this point and all three contenders are more than qualified to be in the finals.

“It’s a good final three. They’re all different. They have all played the game differently and we don’t know who’s going to make the final two, but those two will both have good arguments about why they should win the game,” shared Meehan.

The finale will be showing tonight on CBS at 8PM ET/PT with one more eviction, three competitions and nine jury votes before a winner is announced.

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