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Criminal Minds Season 12 New Cast Revealed! Jane Lynch, Emily Prentiss & More!
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Criminal Minds Season 12 New Cast Revealed! Jane Lynch, Emily Prentiss & More!

Criminal Minds Season 12 takes off from last season’s drama with new cast joining along with the death of Shemar Moore.

Though Moore leaving was somewhat expected, the bigger news for some was the suspension-turned-firing of Season 12 director Thomas Gibson, which came about after arguments he had with writer and producer Virgil Williams, shares Christian Post. According to the site, this was not Gibson’s first time and the same incident happened before with a different producer.

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With Moore’s death, a new character named Luke Alvez, played by Adam Rodriguez, joins the team. Dr. Tara Lewis (played by Aisha Tyler) was also promoted as a series regular on Criminal Minds Season 12.

FBI Agent Emily Prentiss, played by Paget Brewster, who was initially asked to guest on season 12 is going to be a series regular. Possibly replace Gibson’s Hotch as the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) head. Though not confirmed that Prentiss will lead the team, fans speculations point out that way.

Also joining are Kirsten Vangness, who plays the role of a tech genius Penelope Garcia. The actress seemingly spilled the beans about Prentiss’ new role, saying that it only makes sense that Prentiss heads the team. She enjoyed the experience, “that since the first episode that Prentiss has been in charge, everything has been lovely and delightful,” Christian Post writes.

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Vangness also shared that her character will dislike the role of Luke Alvez instantly as he will be replacing her on-screen best friend as the FBI Fugitive Task Force leader, Derek Morgan, but eventually, she will warm up to him.

TV Line also confirmed that Jane Lynch will be reprising her role Reid’s schizophrenic mother. The Glee star will return after eight years early in 2017, as part of a “heavy Reid story,” the site confirmed.

Criminal Minds Season 12 will start off its first episode entitled The Crimson King with Luke Alvez, joining the BAU in capturing one of the 13 serial killer escapees during last season.

The first episode will air on September 28, on CBS.


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