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GTA 5 Online DLC: Bikers Gang Roles, New Motorcycles, Venues & More!

GTA 5 Online DLC: Bikers Gang Roles, New Motorcycles, Venues & More!

Grand Theft Auto 5 is back at it again with a new downloadable content confirmed for gamers. GTA 5 Online Bikers DLC will soon be available for download, especially for bikers and motorcycle clubs.

Rockstar Games have confirmed that it’s working on a new GTA 5 Online DLC for bikers. The content allows gamers to form and lead their own biker gangs of up to 8 players. New game modes, items and features will also be included in the upcoming expansion content that gamers will definitely be looking forward to.

The game already has biker gangs roaming around the streets of Los Santos, but the DLC will be a first to offer them their own list of online game features. According to the announcement, the content will introduce new roles in play from Prospects to Motorcycle Club Presidents. New competitive and co-op gameplay options are also part of the update.

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The GTA 5 Online DLC will also include new motorcycles, new weapons, tattoos and possibly, even new clothing. New properties for Motor Club Clubhouses and a new Biker mechanic are will also be added to the maps.

“Beyond a range of opportunities to climb the ranks within a gang and build lucrative businesses as a formidable MC, Bikers also includes a selection of appropriately-themed new modes for bikers of all kinds, along with new weapons, styles, tattoos and features to make this a huge addition to the world of GTA Online,” Rockstar Games revealed.

High-level and high-risk business ventures were also teased in the announcement.

The exact release date for the GTA 5 Online DLC was not revealed, but a recent report by Express UK noted that an add-on content for GTA could be released this month. If that be true, gamers can expect the Bikers DLC to be available for download this September.

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