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Jaden Smith Dead is Propaganda for Better Career? Desperate for More Money [Rumors]
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Jaden Smith Dead is Propaganda for Better Career? Desperate for More Money [Rumors]

Jaden Smith dead rumors have propped up again this weekend, claiming the actor committed suicide. Though it has been confirmed that the reports were a hoax, critics can’t help but wonder if it is all just another PR stunt.

Though Jaden Smith is not the only celebrity victim of death hoaxes that has recently become a trend to gain more traffic, the young actor has been its most frequent prey. The trend has led to discussions that the rumors may actually be made up by Smith’s own PR team for more publicity.

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The publicity of the death hoax, undoubtedly has given the 18-year old actor, musician and entrepreneur a boost in popularity. However, it also puts a spotlight in his personal life. Including his love life, family life and personal issues, shares Morning Ledger.

Nevertheless, Jaden stays quiet about the rumors and focused on the issues he believes are more relevant.

Though creating rumors for marketing is not a first time for a celebrity, it still remains a theory and nothing has been proven.

Fans are even arguing that Jaden does not need publicity since he is already a very controversial figure. Especially for his radical beliefs earning the title “futurist” and “the greatest philosopher of our time”. In addition, his clothing line is already doing well, making him millions at a very young age.

In fact, just a few hours ago, Jaden’s tweet on his own page @officialjaden giving praise to Edward Swoden’s new movie about exposing government secrets, proving the young actor’s radical views.

Apart from his reputation as a liberal thinker, he is also best known for his movies The Pursuit of Happiness, where he received an MTV award for; the 2010 Karate Kid; and After Earth in 2013.

So to answer the rumors of his suicide, the publicity stunt rumors still remain rumors, with no proof. What is certain is that Jaden Smith dead are just fake reports. He is still alive… and tweeting.

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