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Fifth Harmony Break Up: Camila Cabello Diva Attitude Caused Fights [Rumors]

Fifth Harmony Break Up: Camila Cabello Diva Attitude Caused Fights [Rumors]

This might be the beginning of the end for Fifth Harmony.

Things aren’t going well for the girls of Fifth Harmony. Members of the group are allegedly on the brink of breaking up and reports hint member Camila Cabello is to blame.

A rumor suggesting a feud between members Normani Kordei and Camila had been hitting social media. During an interview, the host asked Kordei to give a word to describe each member of the group. She gave a word to describe members Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane, and Lauren Jauregui, but struggled when it was Camila’s turn.

According to A Dose of Sass, the other four are reportedly feeling frustrated over Camila’s solo career plans, hence the feud between the members. Fans also cited Cabello’s relationship to singer Taylor Swift as one of the reasons for the possible break up.

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Notably, at a recent concert, Cabello left the stage half way through the performance citing “anxiety”as her reason. However, some fans are not entirely convinced. They think the feud actually caused her to leave the stage and not finish the concert.

All of the feud reports prompted Kordei to release a statement denying the alleged bad blood between her and Cabello. Fans don’t think it’s entirely Normani’s decision to release the statement though. Some think However, it was the group’s management that forced her to talk in an attempt to cut the drama.

Shortly after her statement, Kordei left Twitter seemingly because of the amount of pressure she’s received about the rumor.

The sudden cancellations of some of Fifth Harmony’s European performances have also baffled. Again, stirring speculation that Fifth Harmony break up is in the horizon.

Fifth Harmony partied without Camila Cabello?

During the VMA’s after party, the four members of Fifth Harmony reportedly ditched the Latina beauty. All four enjoyed the party, that is until Cabello arrived.

According to reports, the rumored girlfriend of Shawn Mendes arrived late and as soon she set foot in the party, all the other four members left.

This is not the first time the other four partied without Cabello. During 4th of July, all four seemingly partied in their hotel in Brazil, without Cabello.

The girls posted snapchat stories of them partying when fans noticed Cabello’s absence.

HAPPY FOURTH 🇺🇸😛😛 @fifthharmony and the crew brought that turn up from Americaaa to São Paulo

A video posted by Andrea Hamilton (@normanikordeismom) on

Happenings on Cabello’s snapchat was an entirely different story. She posted a photo of her ‘lil studio’ with the caption “My lil studio I’ve been stuck in all day”.

Is Camila’s attitude and solo career getting in the way of her group’s success? And will Fifth Harmony break up? Only time will tell.

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    Only an idiot would think that one group member brings down an entirely group. The writer of this article must be mentally retarded.

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    If Camila does go solo then it really is the end of 5h. Nobody gives a crap about the other girls. Camila is the only relevant one in the group.