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Harry Styles Admits He’s Gay! Confirms Louis Tomlinson Affair is Real [Rumors]

Harry Styles Admits He’s Gay! Confirms Louis Tomlinson Affair is Real [Rumors]

The Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson (a.k.a. Larry Stylinson) ship is sailing once again.

A Directioner claims that Harry Styles himself confirmed that Larry Stylinson is real. Twitter user @amazain94 posted a screenshot of his/her conversation with Harry via Twitter DM.

The conversation started with the fan messaging Harry, and then asking him to reply with an emoji if Larry is real. To the fans surprise, Harry sent an emoji and finally resting speculations to rest. Larry is real.

Harry Styles

However, fans were skeptical saying that the picture was photoshopped. User @amazain94 quickly posted this clip to support the claim.

In spite of user @amazain94 ‘s claim, fans are still not sure if Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are really in a relationship. It could forever just be a fantasy.

The Beginning of Larry Stylinson

The two first met in 2010, where they were contestant for the X Factor. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, together with Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne, were put in together to form the band One Direction during the bootcamp stage of the competition. Although they lost the competition, the group quickly gained popularity in the UK. Soon after, One Direction achieved worldwide recognition.

With millions of fans around the world, a lot of Directioners claim that Harry and Louis are secretly dating. Fans of the pair even coined “Larry Stylinson” to express their support for their alleged relationship. Some suggest One Direction’s management is obstructing the pair to go public about their relationship.

On the other hand, some Directioners insist that Larry Stylinson will be nothing more than just a make-believe couple. Considering the amount of girlfriends the two had, Larry seems impossible to them. Even more so, Louis Tomlinson just recently became a dad when Briana Jungwirth birthed their son, Freddie.

Nevertheless, hardcore Larry shippers suggested that those past girlfriends are nothing but a cover up. Even Louis’ son Freddie and his mom Briana Jungwirth were accused of being just a plot.

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  • karebear

    STOP! STOP POSTING ALL THESE LIES ABOUT HARRY & LOUIS! Is the Writer of these sites 12 YEARS OLD? GROW UP! No wonder they are slowing Quitting Social Media or only Using PRIVATE ACCOUNTS! They should be suing for SLANDER! ENOUGH ALREADY! THEY HAVE BEEN HARASSED WITH THESE LIES FOR YEARS!

    • SarahNicole

      The user of this dumb video the screen is photoshopped. There’s a code you use and I hear it’s stupidly easy. The girl who did that just wanted attention and trolling for it. I think Larry Shippers are rude and delusional and spend WAY too much time obsessing over two grown men’s sexualities as if it’s only thing to care about in the fandom. It’s quite pathetic, really. Anyone with half a brain knows Larry isn’t even real.

      • yvesaintlaurent

        funny that you claim larries are “obsessed” with their sexualities and yet you lot do the same with the only difference being that you so vehemently argue that they’re straight….. lmao k. sound logic!

    • Harry Styles

      why are you so excited? Both H & L aren’t worried about it. If anything they don’t pay this any mind, neither should you