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Farewell, Planetside 1

Farewell, Planetside 1

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Though it has survived for 13 long years, Daybreak Games announced today that they will finally be pulling the plug on Planetside 1.

It’s customary to bury news you don’t expect to go over super well within the hubbub that is E3, but Daybreak did wait until the show had actually ended to point the Death Star at the planet of Auraxis. If anything, the decision might prompt the last few holdovers to finally give Planetside 2 a whirl, but I imagine if you’re playing the first game over the sequel after this many years, then it’s probably because you don’t want to, though Planetside 1 did go free-to-play roughly two years ago. Apparently even that wasn’t enough to boost the populations to a level that made keeping the game online a worthwhile economical decision for Daybreak.

Over the years, the game’s original six servers were gradually whittled down until just one remained, and that last server’s lights will go out in just two weeks. It’s not the shortest notice ever, but nor is it a long one. So if you’re someone who once gallivanted across the surface of Auraxis, you’ve got a bit of time left to relish in that nostalgia.


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