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Overwatch’s 2nd Animated Short, Alive, Out Now

Overwatch’s 2nd Animated Short, Alive, Out Now

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Yeah, I figured like most other people that when Blizzard announced they’d be releasing animated shorts for Overwatch that they’d come every few months – or years – not that the second one, Alive, would come a week after the first.

Alive features the game’s sniper, Widowmaker, and Tracer battling it over the streets of London, and honestly, I like it a fair bit more than the first one, and that one was pretty rad, too.

I’ll delve into some spoilers now, so watch it first. You’ve been warned. [EDIT]: Evidently that’s not Zenyatta at all, but another Omnic named Tekhartha Mondatta. I’m clearly a racist. In Alive, Widowmaker is seemingly trying to instigate yet another Omnic Crisis by assassinating Zenyatta. Surprisingly, though, she succeeds. I guess this means Zenyatta will no longer be available in game as a playable hero. No, but it does make me a little sad that events that happen outside of the game  probably won’t have a huge impact on the game itself, but such is the way of things. It’s still really cool to see Blizzard putting so much effort into fleshing out Overwatch’s world.

Let’s just hope they’re as prompt with additional animated shorts as they were with these last two.



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