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Firaxis Gets Humble

Firaxis Gets Humble

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Humble Bundle is back again, folks, and this time it features none other than Firaxis games. I think at this point I’ve lost track of how many Humble Bundles there’s been, which shouldn’t be too surprising as I’m fairly certain that number ranges in the hundreds if not millions.

This new one features a bunch of Firaxis games. For a meager buck, you can get the new Xcom, Sid Meier’s Pirates, Ace Patrol Bundle, and Civ 3.

With Xcom 2 around the proverbial corner, getting the first game for only a dollar is a pretty good opportunity if you haven’t yet. Of course if you want the expansion, you’ll have to beat the average, and if for some crazy reason, you want Civ: Beyond Earth, you’ll have to fork over $15, and that doesn’t include the most recent expansion.

For some reason, Civ V is tucked away in the beat the average category. It is still popular enough, and I guess since Xcom 2 is so close, it makes sense for them to practically give away the first game, but still, I think Civ V could’ve probably been in the lower tier, especially since it doesn’t appear to include the expansions.

Oh well, it’s not a bad bundle by any means, especially if you haven’t boarded the Xcom hype train yet. Not that you should board hype trains because they’re dangerous and sometimes derail, but I did.

Because I’m an idiot.

Still, it’s a Humble Bundle, and if you’re not completely fatigued, it’s actually a good one.



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