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Garrys Mod Breaks New Records

Garrys Mod Breaks New Records

Garrys Mod an independent based PC game has surpassed everyone’s predictions. Garry Newman the creator of Garrys Mod has stated that ten million online downloads have been accounted for since New Year’s. The PC game was first named Half-Life Mod 2 and as time went on develop an identity that progressively grew into an indie fan favorite.

Even though 2006 was the year Garrys Mod hit the internet, it would not be until 2016 that massive amounts of buyers would push the game towards financial success.

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The game is known to be a building ground for anyone who choose to create their own virtual world. In the sense that Garry’s Mod allows users to import various weapons, equipment and even model’s used in  other games.

For a semi-introduction to Garry’s Mod, below is a fan made trailer that gives anyone the basic information needed to receive an idea about what the game is about.

So why has this PC game gained such support since 2006? Youtube users who have recorded their sessions playing and other sandbox type setups that have influenced games like Minecraft and DayZ. With sandbox setup’s this more or so allows gamer’s to pick and choose tasks and even to change parts of the virtual world to their liking. Otherwise these PC adventures are changing up more and more as updates come through and creators press forward to intensify the missions that are available.

Plus independent PC games are gaining more ground since Youtube and Reddit users have been focusing more on these type of styled sandbox worlds.

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