Iceberg Interactive to Publish Combat Racing Game

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Gas Guzzler

Iceberg Interactive, a company best known for the 4X empire builder Endless Space is putting forth a combat racing game. This may be a bit of a surprise to fans of the publisher’s many space sims. A sun baked, bullet riddled, high octane fantastic surprise!

Iceberg will be publishing the up and coming Gas Guzzlers Extreme. Being developed by Gamespires, a recent press release has promised 350+ miles of open road to blaze enemies on, 40 tracks, 8 arenas, and 7 stunningly beautiful and massively detailed environments to tear around in. While the teaser trailer below doesn’t definitively show gameplay, if the final product reflects even a fraction of the graphic prowess, speed, and intensity, then the early holiday season will have a major contender.

As it stands, Gas Guzzlers Extreme is boasting a laundry list of features including:

  • 12 hour single player campaign
  • 7 multiplayer modes
  • 12 unique weapons
  • 18 customizable cars with over a dozen upgrades
  • Instant multiplayer play with bots to be replaced when players join
  • Force feedback controller support
  • Steam achievements, cloud saving, Big Picture, and trading cards

Some of these features are fairly standard, but are important none-the-less. Speed fiends and lovers of arcade type racers can look forward to this title this October.