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Tera Gets Four Unique Dungeons in Latest Patch

Tera Gets Four Unique Dungeons in Latest Patch


Announced September 4th, En Masse Entertainment released four level-60 dungeons yesterday for players to go through.

The Wonderholme is described as a 10-player trip down a rabbit hole in which a Bandersnatch has kidnapped the head Mysterium researcher, whom before being kidnapped was researching the Wonderholme itself. Her fellow researchers offer you a hefty reward to rescuing her. Will you accept the challenge? You can view the trailer here.

In the 3-player dungeon, Channelworks, a violent cyclops has taken over the area and it’s natives, the automatons, are too weak to do it alone. With the assistance of the automatons you will tear through the dungeon to face the cyclops Kerkion, finding hidden treasure along the way. You can view the trailer here.

Kezzel’s Gorge is a 7-player tower defense dungeon in which a giant named Kezzel attacks and eats any wagons containing magical ore that have the misfortune to be passing through the Frontera Forests. After receiving word from the caravans leader, Jelena sends you and six other players to take care of the mighty giant and make the trade route safe once more. You can view the trailer here.

Shattered Fleet is a 5-player dungeon containing, you guessed it, wrecked ships. The federations latest shipment of noctenium has been overtaken by BAMs. You and four other players will be going through ship after ship, leading up to the giant, Barbossa. Kill it and reap the rewards. You can view the trailer here.

And if you that that was a lot, the patch also patches things! There are quite a few changes to the game which you can view here.

Blown through all four dungeons already? Feel free to brag about it in the comment section below.

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