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New Battlefield 4 Details for Single Player, Multiplayer and PC Specs

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At a recent Australia event, EA and EB Games showcased a demo of Battlefield 4 to the gaming media. In addition to the live demo, a few new details regarding this title have also been revealed.

Brought forward by a post on the popular videogame forum NeoGAF, we have obtained a few details regarding the multiplayer and single player portions of this title, along with a few PC specs for Battlefield 4.

Below, you can view some of the key details that have been revealed: 


  • Admitted that the BF3 story could have been more.
  • Campaign will be more character driven and emotional. Confidence in their skills in building multiplayer led them to spend more time into creating a good singleplayer story.
  • NPCs will be more human. Right down to the smallest and simplest details of just watching you walk around etc.
  • Cutscenes are acted out in a soundstage like in movies


  • Oculus Rift support is not planned, but is possible in the future
  • PC specs are similar to the specs of BF3. No official specs list has been released.


  • Battlelog returns on PC and will integrated into the console games
  • Commander Mode runs in-game and tablet, however the in-game versions will have extra features such as live video feeds etc.
  • Maps can’t be totally leveled, however, destruction is going to be more dramatic than BF3’s and will be similar to BC2’s destruction.
  • They are considering bringing back the ability to destroy MCOMs by having structures and buildings fall on them, like BC2
  • You can cut the power in the indoor parts of the maps and use the darkness and non functional elevators to your advantage
  • Seize of Shanghai, the map shown at the E3 Demo, is a medium size map and new game modes will be shown soon.
  • The spokesman said that “You won’t be disappointed by the number of maps in the game”
  • He also stated that Operation Metro is the most popular map in BF3, thus indirectly confirming that it’ll return in the Second Assault DLC. 

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