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‘Unlimited’ PS4 Pre-order Supply Runs Dry at GameStop

‘Unlimited’ PS4 Pre-order Supply Runs Dry at GameStop


Around two weeks ago, GameStop announced that they would be issuing unlimited pre-orders for the PS4 console. Shockingly, it seems that this unlimited supply has now run dry, as GameStop is currently not accepting anymore pre-orders for the PS4 through their online portal.

At the moment, we have not received any official word from either Sony or GameStop in response to this matter. Previous reports inferred that Sony would have difficulty keeping up with the consumer demand for this system as its launch date approaches, which is currently scheduled for the holiday season of 2013.

Due to the fact that GameStop has apparently disabled pre-orders for the PS4, consumers may find it very difficult to obtain this system on its official launch date. As more information develops surrounding this subject, we will be sure to update you.

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  • William Perdomo

    I wonder how much Microsoft is paying gamestop ..ps4 all the way