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Minecraft 1.6.2 Pre-release Out, Update Scheduled for July 8

Minecraft 1.6.2 Pre-release Out, Update Scheduled for July 8


Today, Mojang released information on the official Minecraft 1.6.2 Pre-release on the PC. As revealed through the official post, this update is currently scheduled to be released on Monday, July 8.

There is a lengthy list of various bug fixes and overall improvements to the Minecraft coming with this update. A few important ones include fixing the bug that caused horses to start suffocating when touching walls, a fix for animals escaping their pins, improves sprinting behavior, and making custom fonts look more visibly pleasing. Additionally, you can view the full list of changes below.

  • Powered pistons drop as items in creative
  • Player’s and Horses head while riding having strange behaviour when looking at the skin in the inventory
  • Animals going out of fenced areas/suffocate in blocks when loading chunks
  • Chat concurrency issues
  • Packet flood degrades server peformance
  • When putting a sign in front of water it keeps running
  • Trapped Chest looks like Regular Chest in inventory / item frame
  • Attacking wild Wolves with any kind of projectiles (Arrows, Snowballs, Potions) will cause any nearby tamed Wolves to attack their owner
  • Reloading a world while player is in moving Minecart or riding a horse is glitchy in F5 mode
  • Horses can be pushed into blocks and then take suffocation damage
  • Ctrl+Click = Right Click on Mac not working
  • Leads attached to mobs drop as items when right clicked in creative
  • Numlock Enter not recognized as Return
  • Direct Connect does not remember port
  • rope part of the leash turns invisible in some angles
  • Hay blocks can not be crafted back into wheat
  • Gliding crosshair when on a saddled horse
  • “Nether-Fortress-Only” Mobs no longer spawning in previously generated Fortresses
  • Unarmored horses appear as wearing diamong armor
  • Baby Zombies are far too fast
  • Cannot change Horse Armor like Player Armor by clicking with another armor piece on slot
  • Sprint does not happen straight away
  • Distorted fonts when using a converted texturepack on startup
  • Breaking sound and particles appear when placing water/lava into another source block
  • The “clear” command is causing a player in creative mode to be unable to move items in their inventory.
  • /clear command causes problems with animations of held items
  • Health boost resets additional health every 30 seconds
  • Signs placed on Fences don’t have Text
  • Trying to jump on an unsaddled Horse, then equipping it with a saddle makes the Horse jump automatically
  • 1.5.2 clients show server 1.6.1 as 1.3 in Multiplayer screen
  • Item Dupe
  • the /playsound command does not work with @a when >1 player passes the query
  • Minecraft 1.6.1 demo has crashed
  • Demo crashes when unable to find ‘name’ of a bound mousebutton
  • resourcepack crashes
  • nested colors in json chat don’t work
  • Item Duplication by Mules/Donkeys
  • Cannot pick block lead in creative.

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