E3 2013: Xbox One Launching In November Priced at $499



During Microsoft’s annual E3 press conference, it was announced that the recently revealed Xbox One will be released in November and will cost $499 in the U.S, 499€ in Europe, and £429 in the U.K. An exact date for the release of the console has yet to be announced.

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest iteration of the Xbox brand of traditional home consoles. It brings to the table 15 exclusive games promised for the first year of the console, an HDMI In port which allows the Xbox One to seamlessly switch between gaming and live television, and the inclusion of an updated version of the popular Kinect. The Xbox One is set to go toe to toe with Sony’s Playstation 4 which is due sometime in the holiday season, and the Wii U which is already on shelves.


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