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Microsoft claims XBOX One DRM has a ‘lot of advantages’.

Microsoft claims XBOX One DRM has a ‘lot of advantages’.


In a recent interview with Edge Magazine, Microsoft Studios corporate Vice President Phil Spencer claimed there were a ‘lot of advantages to having your content assigned to you digitally.’

The XBOX One, like the PS4, has received a lot of criticism since its reveal a few weeks ago. Mr Spencer was asked for his position on the Second Hand Games market, which the new console generation has threatened to destroy. “I think the whole idea of a secondary market is important and it’ll be important in the next generation, and we’ve designed with that in mind from the beginning”, he responded, not revealing any actual information about the sensitive subject. With many gamers feeling let down already, these words fall short of lifting their spirits.

Mr Spencer praised the new DRM, or ‘Digital Rights Management’. He cited the XBOX 360 Cloud-Saved games as an example of how ‘having your content assigned to you digitally’ can be advantageous, though again no definitive information was revealed.

He ended the interview by stating further answers would be revealed at a later date. With the release of the next generation consoles still a while away, Microsoft certainly has time to pull its competitor out of the fire, but we are all still hoping for some specific good news.

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