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New Trailer Released For Pokemon X And Y

New Trailer Released For Pokemon X And Y

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The official Pokemon Youtube account has posted a new trailer for the upcoming 3DS entries in the series, Pokemon X and Y. Those not familiar with Nintendo and Game Freak’s latest effort should set their faces to “stunned,” as this is the first main series Pokemon title to feature actual, honest to goodness polygonal graphics. Aside from the inclusion of these blasphemous visual triangles, the game looks to follow the age-old formula of Pokemon games of yore, in which your scrappy everyteen attempts to, ahem, “catch them all”.

Turn-based monster battling aside, the trailer reminds us that the game also features a pokemon mount. This stallion among pocket monsters, called a Gogoat (!), can be ridden through the game’s cities, presumably because it is both amazing and totally sweet. Players can, along with this writer, expect to sample this radical advancement in saddle technology upon the game’s eventual release in October of this year.



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