Injustice: Gods Among Us Features Lobo as First DLC Fighter

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The Youtube account for Netherrealm Studios’ superhero-fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us has posted a trailer for their new downloadable character Lobo.

The undeniably crass-yet-effective biker is featured in a match against Batman, and uses an array of brutal techniques involving punishing grapples and biker-themed items such as a chain and sawed-off shotgun. Lobo will be the first downloadable character for Injustice: Gods Among Us, and will be followed by three more fighters who have yet to be announced.

Lobo’s mix of speed, grapples, and medium-range utility look to possibly make him a good fit for Injustice, which has been shown by recent tournament footage to feature several strong keep-away and space-controlling characters such as Green Arrow and Deathstroke; only time, and dissection by the game’s competitive community, will tell.


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