Minecraft Creator Markus ‘Notch’ Places Second in Time’s Influential Person Poll



Minecraft creator and noted hat enthusiast Markus “Notch” Persson has placed second in Time magazine’s annual poll of the world’s most influential people. The poll, called the Time 100, allows users to vote for and against a pool of 150 people assembled by Time, with the top 100 being placed in order by the publication’s editorial team and released as a full list on April 18th.

The Minecraft millionaire collected a tidy 156,694 votes, placing him second only to Egyptian president and leading Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed Morsi. Notch tallied a significantly smaller number of votes against, however, with 18,694 “no” votes to Morsi’s comparatively staggering 220,907. Seemingly larger-than-life and legally beleaguered Megaupload kingpin Kim Dotcom placed third.

Perrson, who no longer directly works with the Minecraft team at Mojang, finds himself in the company of other tech industry luminaries from Twitter, Amazon, Google, Kickstarter, Spotify, and Pinterest, among others.

Minecraft was released as a playable alpha in 2009, gathering steam through word of mouth and critical acclaim. After seeing final release in 2011, the creative block-busting and exploration game was later ported to Xbox Live (where it has met with wild success), iOS, and Android; the game’s incredible success and ubiquity has provided a considerable windfall for Persson and his studio Mojang, allowing continued support of Minecraft via updates as well as development of additional projects.

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