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‘Final Fantasy X’ HD Re-Release Resurfaces With Tech Demo Footage

‘Final Fantasy X’ HD Re-Release Resurfaces With Tech Demo Footage


Well, ain’t this a blast of nostalgia. For the first time since its announcement two years ago, the HD re-release of Final Fantasy X has made another appearance to the world on Monday 18th. This time, however, it comes with some footage showing off the increased texture quality on some character models.

Final Fantasy X was first released in Japan back in 2001, then to America shortly before the year was out. It later came to Europe in 2002. It was the first Final Fantasy to come to the PlayStation 2, and was my first ever Final Fantasy title, sentimentally.

The HD re-release is destined to come out for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. No release date been confirmed as of yet, though. I guess I have until that time to invest in either a PS3 or a Vita.

Unfortunately, the video is in Japanese, and there are no English subtitles. However, if you use common sense, you can pick out some words that, when deduced, can help string a few sentences together.


The video is nothing more than a technical demonstration of FFX’s new HD makeup, shown on a Vita. Having said that, it’s quite awing when you see the crisp, sharp and vibrant textures of the background and character models. Admittedly, I didn’t see a difference at first, but after comparing with videos like the one below, the difference in quality is there, especially with Tidus and Yuna. Most particularly in Bahamut (Dayum!).


I sunk so many hours into FFX on the PS2, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, though, my file corrupted one day, and therefore I was never to complete it. Consequently, I lost interest in it. Sad story. Maybe I’ll have another chance once FFXHD hits the shelves, and finally beat the game. It would be great to play an old childhood game in HD.

Chirps to The Escapist and Eurogamer.

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