Final Fantasy XIII-3

Final Fantasy XIII-3: Lighting learns to dodge attacks



It has been revealed that in the upcoming third installment to Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning will have the shocking ability to dodge and counterattack, not based on probability and skill trees but on the speed and accuracy of the player’s reactions. That’s right: a button will be assigned to dodging, setting the player up for to counter an enemy attack and allowing Lightning to last longer against the enemy hordes she’s now solely tasked with saving the world from.


This would be a lot more impressive, Square Enix, if it wasn’t something you’d already done in Star Ocean: The Last Hope, but had forgotten how to do well by the time XIII came into development.


Aside from this, Lightning’s attacks will be assigned to four face buttons, whilst an ability reminiscent of Final Fantasy XIII-2 will allow her to alter her clothes, and corresponding abilities, in the middle of a fight.


Ever since the awful gameplay of the original FFXIII I have found it hard to get excited about this series. It remains to be seen if Square Enix can pull this off. I sincerely hope they do, as a game with a decent FF storyline combined with the impressive free flowing combat of Star Ocean: The Last Hope would be an achievement indeed.

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