‘GTA 5’ release date possibly leaked through German retailer

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Before Rockstar Games released the second official trailer for GTA 5, we were finally given a time-frame that this title is expected to be released. Rockstar Games revealed that this title was slated for release sometime during the spring of 2013. Obviously, this was not enough to satisfy fans, as a specific release date would be much better.


Since then, fans have been desperately awaiting a specific release date for GTA 5, but Rockstar has decided to keep this information under wraps. Nevertheless, it seems that a new listing from a German video game retailer leads us to believe that GTA 5 may be released around March 15, 2013.


Obviously, this information has not been commented on by Rockstar Games and should be taken as nothing but speculation. According to PC Games, the retailer has listed this title for a March 15, 2013 release date. Additionally, they are also supplying free posters with every pre-order for GTA 5.


As stated previously, until Rockstar Games releases official information regarding the date that GTA 5 will be released, readers should not take information such as this as definitive. For those of you that are interested, we have also listed a few screenshots from GTA 5 in the slide-show above this article.

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